Jeffrey (bass) said once: we'd never be friends if we had met in high school. Four entire different people, a taste in music you wouldn't combine if you'd think in genres and we all grew up in different environments. Now, we cannot be torn apart: we play shows, write music, dance, laugh and cry together. All with one goal: to be doing this together for the rest of our lives. Simon (guitar) is a very technical and skilled player, dancing all over the stage. Nick (frontman) will make sure you go home with an unforgettable memory of our show. Jennifer (drums) puts interesting rhythms into our songs and makes sure the band is carried on a solid rhythm.

The Compounds was formed in January 2018 and has since played dozens of shows, recorded an EP and a single and is currently working on an album which will be recorded in February 2020.

Foto: Mark Bakker

Jennifer Leijen


Jeffrey Beentjes


Simon Swinkels