Growing up in a household full of musicians, it wasn’t long before I started playing an instrument myself. I was about 11 years old when I started playing the piano, and my parents encouraged this greatly. Unfortunately I stopped playing when I was 16 or so because I just didn’t find it interesting enough. But when I turned 19 years of age I picked up an old bass guitar belonging to a friend of mine, and I never parted from the bass since.


Ever since I picked up the bass guitar, I started to listen closely to bands that I liked and tried to make out some of the different techniques that they used. All I did was try to copy them to the best of my extend, and learned to use them in my own playing. I absolutely love to be a part of The Compounds, as i’ve been a part of the band since 2018.


I am influenced by Jon Stockman, Adam Nolly, Joe Dart en Ilja John Lappin.


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Photo: Franklin van der Erf




ESP LTD B-204FM See Thru Red




Darkglass Electronics – Alpha Omega distortion/overdrive

Darkglass Electronics – Microtubes X7

Boss – OC3 Super Octaver

Korg – Pitch Black Tunepedal




Darkglass Electronics – Hybrid heavy leather strap




Ashdown Engineering – MAG 300W Head

Ashdown Engineering – Rootmaster RM-414-EVO II 4x10 inch speaker

Ashdown Engineering – Rootmaster RM-115T-EVO 1x15 inch sub

Photo: Roel Syperda
Photo: Franklin van der Erf
Photo: Franklin van der Erf
Photo: Franklin van der Erf