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For my 16th birthday my parents bought me a classical guitar and I've been playing ever since. 

In januari 2018 I joined The Compounds. It is my main musical project. I have the space to be creative and write music, which I enjoy the most.
Next to The Compounds I follow a study in jazz and perform in jazz projects. 

Jazz, rock and everything in between is what I play and what I'm inspired by. Guitarists such as Wes Montgomery, Kenny Burrell, Jimmy Bruno, B.B. King, Jimi Hendrix, Jimmy page, Gary Clark jr, Lenny Kravitz, Slash, Brian May, Randy Rhoads, Paul Gilbert and surely many more have all had impact on my playing.


Photo: Franklin van der Erf


Duesenberg Starplayer special

Fano alt de facto gf6
Richmond Dorchester


Victory V40 head and cab
Duesenberg Doozy one!


Suhr Eclipse
EMMA electronics Onomatopoeia
T Jauernig Gristle King
Dunlop Crybaby wah
TC electronic polytune 3
Death by Audio echo dream 2
Dod rubberneck


Duesenberg DSA10 10-50
D'addario 10-46

Photo: Roel Syperda
Photo: Franklin van der Erf
Photo: Franklin van der Erf
Photo: Franklin van der Erf